Far Chang: Felt Flowers


Not all artifical flower makers have fancy instagram accounts. Kwento encourages everyone to celebrate makers in different geographies.


An excerpt from Laura Barisonzi's interview with Taylor Glenn on his work "Far Chang."

"Artificial flowers are incredibly labor intensive and take many many steps to get from raw materials to a finished product. Because manufacturing has rapidly gone overseas I believe we are so less aware of what goes into making the products that most of us use, whether it be flowers or a toaster. A lot of it is still made by hand in places like this in China. Its mind boggling when you look at how much work goes into production of things that are really so meaningless in the scope of things."

- Taylor Glenn


Source: http://www.featureshoot.com/2012/03/an-artificial-flower-factory-in-china-photographed-by-taylor-glenn/ and http://www.taylorglennphoto.com/PROJECTS/FAR-CHANG/1/caption