February 2021: Mimic Nature

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Every month in 2021 I will be making a wood block print with a special message dedicated for each month.

February 2021, Mimic Nature

When we seek a hike, oversee a nice view, or experience the earth, we always emerge from our time with nature feeling recovered. We become happier. Our sensations intensify and we feel like a rainbow. It's no magic. It's because we stepped outside and spent time with the earth. Our trees, water, and soil are chargers that carry ancient energy. If our bodies are low, we should step outside and recharge our batteries.

Nature, like us, is wild. She is destructive. She cleanses. When the storm is through she will find a way to calm herself. Little humans (aka us) are left to pick up her broken pieces. When she destructs I hear her begging to be cared for. I want to mimic her because she knows how to ask. She will always give even if she is ruined.

When I see the earth's panorama, I can't help but think, wow, all of this is ours. The shadow of the tree and me look the same. I have limbs and the ocean has waves. Mimic Nature, she says. Be destructive and cleanse. Step outside and always give even if you are ruined.



Comes with a written message on the back from Nica personalized to you.

5x7" (12.7x17.8 cm) printed on maple wood

Photo and writing by Nica :)

How to Hang and Display: Comes pre-installed with a "float hanger" on the back for a hook or nail. The print will not lie flat on the wall, instead have a unique float effect. 

Shipping: This is a Made-to-Order item. Please allow 2.5 weeks to receive it. Thank you!

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