A Lot To Do - Planner

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A simple planner for you!

It's light weight and fits comfortably on any pocket. When designing this planner I wanted to create a notebook that will allow the mind to be creative. There are no check lists, date entries, or strict borders. Instead, the pages are designed to let your mind think freely to write your thoughts, paste stickers, and do whatever you want. I made this simple planner so you can have a notebook everywhere you go without having to worry about the weight of a heavy planner.

Enjoy it!

Product Details:

  • Risograph printed - not one page is the same! Imperfect prints are part of the riso aesthetic
  • 20 page count with dusty blue pages 
  • 4 x 6, fits on pockets!

p.s. I used this planner to organize and plan my wedding! - Nica C.T.


"I need a new one soon! It's been with me for one year now." - Miguel 

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