Make Kwento: Creative Bonding Hour

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  • Aldo Guzman Mohedano

    The workshop made me comfortable on sharing my likes, dislikes, and listening to others judge-free! Everyone was able to relate & provide feedback. I often see and talk to people but don’t know what they like or even dislike. Will definitely try this with my friends and family!

  • Rain Romeo

    This workshop helped me connect with my fellow peers as we acknowledged similar interests. It also allowed space for myself to reflect upon my passions and what makes me happy <3

  • Charis

    Something I discovered through the workshop was that everyone approaches their list in a different way. While sharing the items on our lists also taught me about the other person, each person’s approach really intrigued me. Some had specific interests that they had, some only had a few items on their list, and others (like me lol) had an extensive list.

  • Nica

    Today I spent Creative Bonding hour with the Healing PUSO Youth Advocates! They were a wonderful group to get to know. They like chips, sandwiches, self care, and also toys that reminisce of childhood. What I discovered is that gatekeeping your most precious favorites is okay to do and that you can communicate that respectfully to others. Thank you Rain, Charis, and Aldo for spending time with me on a Wednesday afternoon on June 2023.

  • Abe

    The workshop with Nica helped me take a step back from a busy work day/week. I learned that I have a lot in common with my friends! (Maybe that’s why we’re friends?) ♥

  • Corinne

    Felt refreshed after a long day at work! Was a great way to unwind with friends and reconnect.

  • BT

    Based on all our likes and interests I’m shocked we haven’t hosted more dinner parties. We should . Colored me inspired.

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