About Nica C.T.

Kwento means Story in Tagalog.

Now you know what it means.

Hello, my name is Nica. 

I'm an artist and writer who writes about food, love, and creativity. My work is often called honest.

I am a Manila girl ~ which means I grew up riding jeepneys, taxis, tricycles, and air-conditioned cars. After graduating high school in the Philippines, I moved to California to study Geography and Peace & Conflict Studies at UC Berkeley. Such themes are embedded in my creative practice.

Besides writing, I experiment with mediums like paint, textile, and paper to discover new ways to tell a story. Kwento by Nica is my living memoir of creativity with a beginning and (so far) no end.

Nice to meet you!

A photo of Nica and a madeleine at the Ritz in Paris, September 2022. Nica likes nice smelling hotels and delicious things.



Nica was a featured Book Arts artist at Kearny Street Workshop in 2019.

She was a Fiction Fellow at the San Francisco Writers Grotto's Rooted & Written in 2022.

In 2023, Nica was a panelist for SF Fashion Week speaking on the intersection of writing and fashion. 

Nica has written articles for the California Labor Federation, the Global Exchange, and authored two chapters in North Atlantic Books 2014, Sustainable Revolution. In a past life, Nica was a grant and state policy writer and a program manager for Asian Immigrant Women Advocates. Nica has been featured in Vice Asia, Dear Handmade Life, and Metro.Style (which she swears it's a BIG deal in Manila.)



Contact Nica

Email - hello@kwentobynica.com

Instagram - @kwentobynica

Threads - @kwentobynica

Youtube (felt flower tutorial) - watch!
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