Nica C.T.

Hello, my name is Nica.
I'm from Manila but now living and working in San Francisco Bay Area.
I write flash fiction & short stories.
I also draw, sew, paint, and make prints.
When I'm not creating art, I work behind the scenes representing working class people because I don't like inequality and poverty.
I am mother to the Little Bitch Pillow®.

 Lately (and also behind the scenes) I've been authoring my first book.

When it's ready, I'll make sure you read it.


// About Nica, version 2:

Hello my name is Nica and I'm the writer and illustrator of Kwento.  Kwento means "story" in Tagalog, my first language. Kwento is my creative home where I write, draw, sew, and tell stories. Kwento was born as a zine in 2015 and since then its become home to prints, cards, literary zines, notebooks, and little embroidered pillows made by me.


Nice to meet you.