About Nica C.T.

Nica C.T.

Hello, my name is Nica. 

I'm a writer and artist. I write memoir and study theory. My work is often called honest.

I am a Manila girl ~ which means I grew up riding jeepneys, taxis, tricycles, and air-conditioned cars. After graduating high school in the Philippines, I moved to California to study Geography and Peace & Conflict Studies at UC Berkeley. Stories of inequality are embedded in my creative practice.

Besides writing, I experiment with mediums like paint, textile, and digital media art to discover new ways to tell a story. Kwento by Nica is my Living Memoir of creativity with a beginning and (so far) no end.

Nice to meet you!

Nica and a madeleine at the Ritz in Paris, September 2022. She enjoys delicious things.




Contact Nica

Email - hello@kwentobynica.com

Instagram - @kwentobynica

Threads - @kwentobynica

Youtube (felt flower tutorial) - watch!
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