A Living Memoir

Kwento means Story.


What is a Living Memoir?

A Living Memoir is a narration of a life being lived. It is a hybrid genre composed of creative nonfiction texts found in the web and in print. It involves the use of digital media tools and traditional fine art modalities to tell a literary story. (definition as of March 30th 2024 by NCT)

Nica carefully discovered the Living Memoir while writing her first book, Kwento by Nica, as an MFA Student at San Jose State UniversityIf an oral story could be written and collaged with multi-digital media, the Living Memoir would be it.

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This page is under construction.

Find Nica on the internet to find out when titles will open.

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CHAPTERS* belong to the printed book. 

Chapter OneHow to Make Eggs

Chapter TwoTeacher Sally

Chapter ThreeHiro Scones

View the gallery of the genre launch party celebrating Chapter's 1-3 of Kwento by Nica.



Kwento 001Filipino Wedding

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Kwento 002Istorya Forest Garden

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Kwento 003Portraits of California State Policy Organizer

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Kwento 004Nice, France

Kwento 005Sensei by Four Seasons, Lanai

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