Art in Life by Nica C.T.

Discover the collection of Nica's select works as she records life in a 2D picture plane. 

"The process of making art is art itself. I want to be the artist of that statement."

- Nica C.T.




Ink on paper, February 2023

In Spring of 2023, Nica registered for a Fine Arts class at the College of San Mateo. The first lesson on was on the study of line. Nica did not read her homework instructions thoroughly so she accidentally made an elaborate portrait of her youngest cat, Tanpopo. This was the result.




The Kwento by Nica workroom

as described in Chapter 11, titled Pasyal.

If Nica could pick a subject to remake over and over to learn and practice the nuance of art and design, she would pick her work room. In real life, the space is a continuous work in progress - furniture, papers, and files are shuffled on daily basis. It's also where she invites friends to gather, sit, and tell stories. This is the room is where Kwento by Nica was written.

@kwentobynica Work Room


TWO, A. Paper cutouts, 2023.

@kwentobynica Work Room

TWO, B. Acrylic on paper, 2023.


TWO, C. Pencil practice on Realism, 2023.


TWO, D. Pencil practice on Non-objective, 2023.



SM Southmall Portrait

Acyrlic on paper, February 2023

The 90’s day-off tradition in Metro Manila was to hangout in malls and casually drop in a photo studio to take glam shots as a couple. Barely anyone does this anymore. In December 2022, Nica took Hiro to SM Southmall in Las Piñas city where she frequented going as child. Together they posed for the camera.
When they returned to California, Nica had a fine art project in capturing the Golden Ratio, also known as the golden number, golden proportion, or Fibonacci sequence represented by the snail-looking pattern we see everywhere. Nica had the perfect portrait to represent this golden number on paper. 







Arcs, Rhythm, and Repetition

Ink on paper, February 2023

Nica draws plenty of inspiration from music. After watching Ken Burns' documentary on the history of jazz, Nica began to pattern her writing practice to music composition. She liked how composers introduced themes and ideas in classical music and was excited how ideas repeated itself in statements emerging in and out, again and again, into a fantasia before arriving home to a redefine itself in a final reinstatement that feels like home.
While listening to the first movement of Prokofiev, Symphony No. 1, Nica *literally* drew the themes and ideas she heard while listening. The final image mirrors the arcs found in her memoir, Kwento by Nica. Each theme is drawn and illustrated in a movement that captures each chapter's idea making the book feel like it was music.



  • Paulina

    Nica’s gallery is like a warm hug of color, line art, energy, and joy. I see a lot of capturing of beautiful moments; whether they’re short instances or eras in life.

    In my eyes, this collection of work is not just about joy, but also contentment. Not contentment in a settling kind of way, but in the way that you sit down after a long day in the comfiest chair and take the most freeing exhale ever. And you look around the room and feel like you’re exactly where you should be, and you realize how much you love the chair you’re sitting in, and the cat that just walked across the room, and the glass of water sitting in front of you, and how the light hits everything in your view in the best way. And you’re thankful for all of it.

  • Nikki Martinez

    As an occasional house guest in Nica’s life and a friend who has witnessed her growth over a decade, this gallery puts a smile on my face. I’m seeing parts of her life that I’m familiar with from times we hang out and stories we share, but I’m also pleasantly learning about new parts of her artistry that happens in the quiet.

    This is about handcrafted growth. It’s about evolution and constant learning in the way Nica encounters and expresses her love for her space, her family, and craftsmanship as a whole (from herself or from other artists).

  • Nica

    Wow! Hello! Today is June 12th 2023 and this is my first time showing my online gallery for Kwento by Nica. I’ve always had a vision of creating a living memoir, a memoir that feels real, relatable, alive, and approachable. I want my book to have an extended life from the page. I hope that by showing you my imperfect and non-masterful creations encourages you to share your creativity too. We are all artists of our own lives.

    Thank you for visiting my online gallery! I like that you are here.

    - Nica

  • Natalie Jose

    Nica’s gallery encapsulates a digital museum of her navigation across the vast expanse of creativity. Experimentation of styles as a way of finding her voice, Nica is exploratory in nature, subtly captured here in her museum. Where Nica’s past art has had a focus on overcoming negativity in her life, the museum exemplifies growth in Nica’s art. In her recent works, Nica focuses on subjects that bring joy to her in her current world. The maturation of her creativity is present, soothing, and hopeful.

  • Ashley

    Nica’s gallery is the Louvre of the west. With mixed mediums, still-life studies, and third person writing, you’ll think you were in a museum. Pottery Barn Kids Designer Ashley Gomez raves about Nica’s Little Bitch Pillow TM, and can’t wait to see what she does next!

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