Living Memoir: Invitation

Come to the next Living Memoir event!
RSVP by leaving your name and a short message below. I will send party details by email ;)
~~ Nica
Who's coming? 
Creatives, writers, Bay Area professionals, artists, and the Kwento by Nica newsletter list!
Rooted Manila and California.
Be part of the Living Memoir!
See you on Thursday!

RSVP by commenting below!

See you!



  • Bryanna

    Looking forward to tonight!

  • Alyssa Mendoza

    Excited to come!

  • Natty

    Hoping we can make it!

  • jared


  • Jessica & Gregg

    We’re gonna be late but we’ll make it over!! 💕💕💕

  • Colleen javier


  • Melissa

    I’m excited to be a part of the Living Memoir! I’ll be there 💕

  • Rucy

    I live in San Mateo, too! Interested in getting together for the Kundiman community forum, your living memoir party, anything and everything.

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