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"Nica, thank you for being my friend, philosopher, guide. Thank you for leaving the door open for us. You make us feel welcome. You like a warm muffin on a rainy day. Thank you for your positive energy! "

"Nica - getting to know you and joining this community of artists has been life changing. You are helping me find my “artistic voice” and I am deeply grateful for it."

"Dear Nica, thank you for creating this space. It’s been such a gift to be with genuinely beautiful souls whom I could never have crossed paths with if it weren’t for you."

"Nica, I love that you used your own creative process as a chance to connect with others. This whole group is a testament to your warmth and open heartedness."

Read invitations from past Make Kwento artists:


  • Nikki

    SO glad I decided to join Make Kwento! Even if I haven’t previously considered myself an artist, Nica has a magical way of bringing creativity out of everyone who joined. These Monday night sessions are the refreshing playtime that every person needs in their life. It’s intentional time to focus on yourself, your own goals — with the support and energetic presence of new friends doing the same. As a person who thrives on the energy of those around me and one who loves learning about the minds of others, this is exactly what I needed in this season of life.

  • Paulina 2

    Make Kwento is really special because it brings together creative souls who understand that making time like this for their art and to connect with others is incredibly valuable. Everyone is so kind, and I felt welcome right away. I felt no pressure to be something else, to catch up, to come across differently; I could come completely as I am, and others would too. The way Nica is able to create this environment is so special and hard to find elsewhere.

  • Nica C.T.

    Just wrapping up Batch 7 of Make Kwento! THIS WAS AN AWESOME GROUP! We focused on our projects, we got together, and viewed each others work. Our collaboration was organic and we got to know each other “better than we know our coworkers.” Thank you Serene, Paulina, Ashley, Nikki, and Natalie for being part of this special journey! I’m excited for the next artists who will join.

  • Serene

    Take a pause from mindless doom scrolling, household chores, and the mundane cycle of being an adult. Make Kwento is the perfect opportunity to tap into that creative voice you’ve always known was there but have ignored for far too long. It’s the opportunity to re-evaluate your evening activities and finally make time and space for your artistic ambitions — all the while sharing the journey in a small, intimate setting with other peers!

  • Ashley Gomez

    I didn’t know what to expect with Kwento but I am SO glad I joined! I really feel inspired to continue creating and learning. Mondays have been such a fun time these last 8 weeks and I highly recommend Kwento by Nica for anyone who wants to make new friends, grow connections, and learn to flourish as an artist.

  • Paulina

    Probably one of the most powerful, creative efforts out there. Nica is just absolutely amazing in facilitating these one-of-a-kind, strangely healing artistic experiences. I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I needed this even if I didn’t join as an artist, but as someone who needed to face a fear I’ve been running away from for a decade. The courage to pursue my dreams, get over my fears, and to show up for myself with the help of a group of artists coming from different creative spaces was exactly what I needed. If you need to show up even when it’s hard, here’s a group that’s low pressure but lots of fun! Join the next oneee

  • Tealoni Butler

    Make Kwento will really have you looking forward to every single session! I am very blessed to have been a part of batch 6. Nica is amazing and super talented, to say the least. You will find a safe space here to share your work and receive valuable feedback. The activities will ground you and force you to really be present. You will share many laughs and really feel cherished.

  • Stepfanie

    This is an invitation to make art and have fun with Make Kwento! This is a home for curious and sweet artists who can stretch your creativity in new ways. It feels like a virtual artist residency, a container to be silly and also be intentional about the projects you want to give more love to. I want to participate again! I hope to see you there. :)

  • Nica

    Just about to end my night with Batch 6 of Make Kwento! We had so much fun in the last 2 months. My heart is bursting with joy. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for Stepfanie, Tealoni, and Paulina for sharing their artistry and craft every time we showed up to zoom. If you are reading this I hope you feel the love and joy we feel as artists belonging to this creative house. It feels amazing!

  • Susan

    Make Kwento is a safe space to connect to other artists in an open, understanding, and reflective way. Nica guides us through fun (we laughed!) creative exercises that invite us to learn more about each other (we talked!) and ourselves (we learned!). Our group allowed vulnerability (we listened!) and supported each other with empathy (we loved!). Thank you, Nica, for fostering new connections in the creative community.

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