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"Nica, thank you for being my friend, philosopher, guide. Thank you for leaving the door open for us. You make us feel welcome. You like a warm muffin on a rainy day. Thank you for your positive energy! "

"Nica - getting to know you and joining this community of artists has been life changing. You are helping me find my “artistic voice” and I am deeply grateful for it."

"Dear Nica, thank you for creating this space. It’s been such a gift to be with genuinely beautiful souls whom I could never have crossed paths with if it weren’t for you."

"Nica, I love that you used your own creative process as a chance to connect with others. This whole group is a testament to your warmth and open heartedness."

Read invitations from past Make Kwento artists:


  • Vanessajoie Castillo

    Welcome to Make Kwento yall! I’m an artist from Batch 4 and 5. I liked it so much I tried to do it twice in a row!

    The experience was incredibly comforting. I had just moved into my new apartment (where I am living alone for the very first time) and it was a great way to keep me accountable and stay connected to my creative spirit. I was able to make new friends, have thoughtful discussions, and feel more empowered with myself. To me, it was more than just working on my project. I found the deep conversations and creative exercises were what I was looking forward to most.

    I got a great head start on my first project (sculpture, toy making) in Batch 1 (Spring), and I approached my second time in Batch 2 much more casually (guitar practice, which worked w/ my busy summer schedule). It’s up to you on how you go about your project and it may change over time.

  • Fi

    Make Kwento was great! I met some awesome people through it and I got to re-engage with my creative side, which I haven’t been able to do for a while! The group is fun, low-pressure, and welcoming.

  • Amulya Datla

    As a former artist returning to creating art after many years I felt intimidated even in my own familiar space to even have the courage to just put brush to paper. Make Kwento gave me the safe, collaborative space I needed especially during the pandemic which was already so isolating. I connected with other artists who also gave a feeling of safety where we could check in on each other’s work, have space to ourselves to create, and importantly have fun activities together that applied so nicely with where everyone was in their journey. I’m incredibly thankful for the space provided by Nica to do so and get back to creating art again.

  • Sneha

    This program is like a slice of home. Filled with warmth and joy. You will encounter spirits, all out on their journey walking each other home. Nica brings everyone together with care, intention and love. Hope you’ll join this!

  • Kirsty Anne

    I’m an artist from batch two, which consisted of an eight-week journey of self-reflection and being creative with a group of supportive and kind individuals. Our batch was held in the winter time. I felt an extra connection during the cold months where we could gather and share our work with each other. When I began, I decided to complete a paint by numbers. It took much longer than six weeks to complete, but I held all that I had learned with Nica throughout my painting. Which now holds a special memory in my heart when I look at it. ;) Thank you Nica for sharing some love, light and kindness.

  • Nica C.T.

    Hello! I created Make Kwento in 2021 because I wanted to create space where people can be free to create and be in touch again with their inner artist. Make Kwento is a comfy place to be and I hope you can find yourself to be a part of it :)

    - Nica

  • Tiffany May Ventura

    You should join Make Kwento because there’s a place for everyone here! You will find a space to be creative, to be yourself, and to share with others. I’m so grateful to be part of a community that helped me find peace in my own artistic journey.

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