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Last October 2019, I did my first two readings in the Bay Area. One was at the Book Arts showcase at APAture 2019 hosted by Kearny St. Workshop and another was a solo show at Wolfman Books in Oakland. What a time!

I thought only three people would attend the solo show... miraculously, all the seats were filled and I had an audience. Amazing!

If you were there, thank you! If you sent me an email wishing me luck, thank you too!

At the reading, I read several pieces from my zine series. Some stories were sad. Some were happy. Some were funny and a few were serious. People's faces changed from one story to another and I got very nervous because some of them looked so shocked, like this -> :O 

I really enjoyed reading what I wrote to people. I think I rehearsed this when I was about seven years old. 

Speaking of reading, do you have a book or reading recommendation for 2020? Myself and a few others who are reading this now are ready to hoard the books.

My recommendations are:

  • The Seas by Samantha Hunt
  • Stories of Eva Luna by Isabelle Allende.

Let's make a reading list on the comment section!

Cheers, cheers, and blow-kiss,

Nica C.T.



  • Nica C.T.

    To Mona, Valeria, Sydney, Santi, Hiro, and Paula -
    Thank you for thoughts and well wishes! I look forward to more readings too :)
    I am especially happy about your reading recommendations. Now I will be stocked up!

    Thank you <3
    Nica C.T.

  • paula

    Oh, it formatted my face! does this work? ***_***

  • paula

    _ <- my face of admiration reading this post. It’s a treat to hear about your readings and zine-ings. Maybe I’ll see you at the zine fair today!
    I’ve been recommending Ted Chiang to people recently. Great short story writer.

  • Santiago

    Congratulations on your reading!

    I recommend Essential Woodworking Hand Tools by Paul Sellers :)

    <3 Santi and Hiro

  • Sydney

    That’s really cool that you read at APAture – I’ve been meaning to check out their events and still haven’t gotten around to it…
    Hope you’ll have more zine readings in the future too.

    I have way too many books I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten around to.

  • Valerie

    Congrats on the shows!!

    My book recommendations (none are new, really): The Hate U Give, Cry the Beloved Country, and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

  • Mona

    Bravo on putting yourself out there!! I hope you enjoyed yourself :)

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