Resume Writing & Edit by Nica

Nica has over 10 years working as a workforce & economic development professional. As a writer, she helps people transition to better jobs by helping them prepare smart and thoughtful resumes. 


7-day turn around.

How it works:
1) Schedule a 45-min appointment here.
2) Email your drafted resume in *word doc* to Nica at
2) While using the screen share function of Zoom, Nica will edit your resume with you.
3) Wait 7 days to receive your new resume.


You're in good hands: Nica is a student of Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

For Client Reviews, read comments below.

Who is Nica?


  • Dunn Faaumu

    Nica was great! She took my boring resume and added life to it. If you are looking to write a strong resume, I highly recommend her!

  • Ofa J Taimani

    Nica went above & beyond in improving my resume. She listened as I described my current & past jobs & tailored the information perfectly for the job Im seeking. You won’t be disappointed

  • Mario M

    I just wanna say , I appreciate Nica for taking the time and dedication out of her day to help me. I did not know what to do or how to start a resume and, within a little bit of talking we were already working one up ! I really recommend it and working with her !

  • Michael Martinez

    I want to thank you Nica for taking my resume and polishing it up really taking it to the next level.I appreciate your time and efforts on my behalf. I’m excited about the possibility of working as a Stationary Engineer with local 39 and look forward to speaking with someone soon.

  • Romney Fungavaka

    Nica was so helpful with reorganizing my resume I appreciate everything she did for me. She knew exactly what to do. Now I’m more confident when applying for jobs with the station engineers union!

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