No. 21 - Little Bitch Pillow®

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A Little Bitch Pillow® for your little bitch tears. 

Novelty, rare find.

Hello! This can be a fun gift for deserving family, friends, co-workers, or yourself. Each pillow is handmade by Nica. Not one is the same as the other.

Photos show the front and back of the pillows. 


  • Approximately 4"x2.20"
  • Light weight; only 8g. Throwing and taking aim at someone will not cause physical harm.
  • Comes with an organza fabric bag to make a fabulous gift unwrapping experience.

Note: The pillow you'll receive will have a slight difference from the product image. Each pillow is unique and not like any other, but rest assured the fabric and colors will be the same as you see on the photo.

If reposting on social media, please tag @kwentobynica ~ thank you!

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