January 2021: You Should Have Fun

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Every month in 2021 I will be making a wood block print with a special message dedicated for each month.

January 202, You should have fun

Remember, we're not meant to spend our days worried or in fear. The only way to be blissful everyday is to experience joy in the things that surround us and people who embrace us.

Whatever it is you are doing, wherever you are going, and whoever you are with ... you should have fun.

If it's not fun, well... maybe it's time to acquire things and find people that make it fun ;) 


Comes with a written message on the back from Nica personalized to you.

5x7" (12.7x17.8 cm) printed on maple wood

Photo and writing by Nica :)

How to Hang and Display: Comes pre-installed with a "float hanger" on the back for a hook or nail. The print will not lie flat on the wall, instead have a unique float effect. 

Shipping: This is a Made-to-Order item. Please allow 2.5 weeks to receive it. Thank you!

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