Living Memoir: Genre Party

If you made it to this page it's because you know of Nica's Living Memoir. Guess what- You're Invited. Here's what you need to know:


Saturday, December 9th 2023

Living Memoir: Genre Party

Doors open at 11:00 AM

Doors close at 12:45 PM, no late entry

1:00 PM Living Memoir Program begins

3:30 PM end

Where: Half Moon Bay, California, in the very place, the home, where the scenes of Kwento by Nica happen.

6:00 PM Bonus ~ the Lighted Boat Festival is happening later in the evening at the Pillar Point Harbor from 6 PM to 8 PM. This is a good day to be in Half Moon Bay.


What to Expect

Light holiday shopping. In her memoir, Kwento by Nica, Nica writes about how she became an artist by joining craft fairs in the Bay Area. Nica invited her artist vendor friends to sell their work. You will find the best of East Asian jewelry by Adi of @zebadesigns, BAY AREA's BEST COOKIE made by Alex of @chipideecookies, and the finest of ceramics by Celeste of @cwongceramics ~ Revisit this page to see a short list of artisan vendors to shop from. Shopping happens from 11AM-1PM.

Listen to Jazz. Buckle up because we have live jazz. The moment when Nica learned how to properly listen to jazz, hear the chorus format, and understand the sonata form is when she learned how to embed rhythm in her memoir. Nica is not a lyrical writer, rather she's jazz. Prepare to sit under the trees and listen to the best of todays jazz sounds by Jules and Marley. Don't miss to offer a generous thank you tip for live music.

Get a reading. 2023 has been a transformative year. Receive a tarot reading from San Mateo Coast's energy healer, Nadine Silverman. $20 cash or Venmo for a 10 min reading. This is a gift! Nadine usually charges $150 for 30 mins.

Live Fashion illustration. Attendance tip: come dressed as your best creative self. You might get illustrated! Nica's Living Memoir is featuring Fashion Illustrator Mackenzie Crosby. Be immortalized in the pages of a Living Memoir. Yay!?

Live Reading of Chapter 1 and 2, Kwento by NicaBesides listening to jazz, eating cookies, making friends, and being an artist in community, Nica will be present to read to you the first two chapters of Kwento by Nica

A tour of Kwento by NicaNica will give you a tour of the setting of her memoir. See and be in her Living Memoir.

Chapter One: How to Make Eggs

Chapter Two: Teacher Sally

Creative White Elephant. You know the drill. But there's a twist! Attendees will get detailed information.


Who is attending

Creatives and budding artists. Writers, photographers, cinematographers, poets, illustrators ~ Bay Area professionals, queer folk, musicians, fashion nerds, and small business owners. FUN people.

How to attend

This is a Private Party happening in the home setting of Kwento by Nica. Attendance is capped at 50 people and tickets are $25 per person. Everyone in attendance will be part of a new creative possibility.

Get your tickets here.

Who you will meet

No memoir is without characters. You will meet part of the cast of Kwento by Nica. Namely:

Hiro, Natalie, Colleen, and Bella. <<< Real people, with real lives. This is a Living Memoir. 

[Come back: the next roll out of character friends will be introduced in January 2024.] 

Get my ticket to see Kwento by Nica

Kwento by Nica

p.s. There will be a coffee tasting station for Barako beans.

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