Welcome to the Reading Room

Dearest Reader,

You made it to the Reading Room. Thank you!

My name is Nica and I write short stories, flash fiction and recently, I am writing a cookbook about food from home. I'm not a traditionally published author (yet,) so I consider it a miracle to have your attention. Welcome here! 

(a blurry photo of the actual Reading Room)

On the shelves here for you are:

Hedgehog and Little Bear - a short story
and lastly,

This place, the Reading Room, is where will you will find pages of my manuscript for the cookbook. The recipes I am writing are inside. The Reading Room is for my readers who want to have a closer look into my writing practice, publishing updates, and personal story. A word of warning: it's not always happy time in here. If you've read past work, you know my stories can be very deep.

The Reading Room is a password protected place so once you are in, you are IN.

Enter the Reading Room by clicking HERE.

See you inside!

Nica C.T.

Writer and voice of @kwentobynica

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