Make Kwento with Nica

Early registration for Make Kwento is $175.


Make Kwento is an 8-week journey for budding artists and curious creatives. You'll discover your own artistry and make time for your creative practice.

"Nica, thank you for holding such a beautiful, meaningful, and generative space! I feel like we forged friendships and connections that will go beyond these past eight weeks."

- Artist from Batch 1 of Make Kwento

 Peek at the journey:


Week 1: Getting Started

Every week has a theme. Week 1 is "Getting Started." 

Make Kwento is for anyone who:

  • wants to revisit or start a creative project,
  • has no time for their project,
  • is seeking an incubative space  with other artists.

Each artist will have their own project to work on for 8-weeks. The project is your choice and can be anything you want. For example: return to drawing, perfect an audio track, knit a sweater, or complete an essay. If you don't have a project in mind, Nica will guide you to find yours. 

Week 2: Tree Viewing

A secret activity. Only Make Kwento artists will experience this. Hint: It's a favorite week.

Week 3: Future Building

We will learn a creative tool on how to dampen our fears and anxiety. 

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Week 4: Make Inspiration

Instead of "finding inspiration," Make Kwento artists will make it... together.

Week 5: Aboutness

For the first time, artists will reveal projects. Another favorite activity!

Week 6: Aboutness Pt. 2

Continuation of Week 5's workshop.

Week 7: Window Framing or Door of IF

Artists will build windows and tell stories.... how? It's a surprise.

Week 8: The End

One thing is certain: Make Kwento is full of surprises. Nica doesn't want to spoil the end.

"I'm so glad to have joined this workshop that was more focused on the people than the technical process of making art. I met so many new and fun friends."

- Artist from Make Kwento Batch 2

Where, When, and How?

Where: Zoom and a secret rooftop in the Bay Area. Artists will get the link after registration.

When: Make Kwento happens twice a year and can only host 8 artists at a time. This is an intimate journey! Review the schedule below and register for the Batch that suits your calendar.

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Can you miss a day or two?

Yes, no problem. Nica will give you the opportunity to catch up. 

What else to look forward to:

Batch No.1 at the artist potluck! Oct-Nov 2021

Batch No.3, Feb-Mar 2022


About Your Guide:

Nica is a writer and artist. She blends creative writing, visual arts, and digital media to tell stories. Currently, she is incubating a hybrid genre she created and discovered called the Living Memoir. Kwento by Nica, her book, is the world's first digital Living Memoir. Nica's voice and stories have been featured in VICE, Metro.Style, and Art Fair Philippines.

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